Day 2: Sprint to 7-Eleven, Lie on the floor for 30 seconds

My spouse and I did the same challenge today. A 2-parter: 

  1. Sprint to and from 7-Eleven
  2. Lie on the floor at 7-Eleven for 30 seconds 


The running was more uncomfortable to me than the 7-Eleven challenge. I was really pushing myself, especially towards the end.

What I learned: An interesting phenomenon: Aiming to feel discomfort, made sprinting less uncomfortable.

Normally, sprinting would cause a lot of discomfort. But now I was trying to feel uncomfortable. I was searching for discomfort.

I’d think, “Is this uncomfortable? Not really. This could be more uncomfortable. I’ll go faster.” Then, I’d push until I was satisfied with the level of discomfort.

Lying on Floor For 30 Seconds

Once at 7-Eleven, we lay down. (Bonus: lay is the past tense of lie, which feels super uncomfortable. ex: “Yesterday, I lay down on the grass.”)

I picked the chips aisle.
Shlomo picked the candy aisle.

No one came down my isle. 

A few people came down Shlomo’s isle.

A lady asked if Shlomo was alright and he answered that he was just resting. In return, he asked if she was alright. She said she was alright too.

A man came down Shlomo’s isle. While hovering over Shlomo, the man spent a while deciding on a candy. Shlomo wasn’t sure if the man noticed him. Maybe he did but didn’t want to acknowledge the crazy person by his feet.

What I learned: From these last two days I’m noticing that I keep anticipating judgement. Will someone judge me? What will they think? Will they accept me? In the real world, this prevents me from doing what I want.

But from these last two days I’m seeing that it’s not about judgement, people just don’t care. Nobody gets to the point where they can judge you because nobody’s paying attention to you. Nobody cares. 

Shlomo agreed, “Yea nobody cares. It’s a great time to be alive.”

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