In 2019, I took on a 100 day challenge to do something uncomfortable every day. I wanted to push myself to grow in my health, career, and personal life. I called it #100DaysOfDiscomfort. My name is Dashiell Bark-Huss. People call me Dash.

Day 1: Public meditation, deep questions, and high heels

Day 2: Sprint to 7-Eleven, Lie on the floor for 30 seconds

Day 3: Cold Shower, ask for a free drink

Day 4: Ask to try power washing, mock code interview, holding a stranger’s hand

Day 5: Working On An Ambitious Goal

Day 6: Post On Instagram

Day 7: Fast until dinner

Day 8: Vulnerable Facebook post

Day 9: Ask For a Free Fig at Whole Foods

Day 10: I did a comfort zone challenge in my sleep, graffiti, Youtube

Day 11: Ask Strangers About Their Life Goals

Day 12: Make A Podcast

Day 13: Wear Paper Bags -crowd favorite

Day 14: Spent Saturday Alone

Day 15: Apply To Teach a Workshop

Day 16: Yell At A Skunk

Day 17: Wear A Ball Gown To The Gym -crowd favorite

Day 18: Make A Youtube Video

Day 19: Don’t Complain About My Tooth Ache

Day 20: Don’t Complain At All

Day 21: Ask Strangers To Play Paper Scissors Rock -cringy

Day 22: Ask To Host A Meetup

Day 23: Speak To A Class

Day 24: Schedule A Dentist Appointment

Day 25: A Stranger Called Me Bitch, Then We Reconciled -crowd favorite

Day 26: Hold Eye Contact With Strangers

Day 27: Post An Unusual Meetup

Day 28: Ask Friends If I Can Help Sell Something

Day 29: Fast After 5pm

Day 30: Speak With Pauses

Day 31: No Natural Zero Calorie Sweeteners

Day 32: Public Humiliation Sign -crowd favorite

Day 33: No Entertainment

Day 34: Ask To Make An Announcement at Whole Foods

Day 35: Help A Friend With Marketing

Day 36: Live By A Schedule

Day 37: Pet a Baby’s Head, Get Criticized

Day 38: No Spices

Day 39: Getting Things Done System

Day 40: Get Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Day 41: Start My Resume

Day 42: Give $1 To A Stranger

Day 43: Talk To My Hand -crowd favorite

Day 44: Live Stream My Coding Session

Day 45: Ask For A Tour at Lickety Split

Day 46: Dry Fast, Give a talk with no notes

Day 47: Public Aid Health Care

Day 48: Reading Routine

Day 49: Let an Outraged Driver Confront Me -personal favorite

Day 50: Write A Letter of Appreciation

Day 51: Use Western Medicine

Day 52: Clean Up

Day 53: Ask a Stranger for 100 Dollars

Day 54: Ask For A Free Drink

Day 55: Conduct A Podcast Interview

Day 56: Ask To Deliver Mail

Day 57: Host An Unusual Meetup

Day 58: Plan Another Meetup

Day 59: Ask Strangers To Take Selfies With Me

Day 60: Wear Political Statements

Day 61: Talk About Religion

Day 62: Give Positive Feedback

Day 63: Night Jog In The Cold Rain

Day 64: Question My Choices

Day 65: Make An Announcement On The CTA -crowd favorite

Day 66: Ask To Make An Announcement At Marianos

Day 67: Say No After Saying Yes

Day 68: Make An Announcement On The CTA #2

Day 69: Ask For A Keto Paleo Organic Birthday Cake

Day 70: 8 Days Without Sweeteners

Day 71: Rumor About Me

Day 72: Make An Announcement On The CTA #3

Day 73: GTD Clearing Capture List

Day 74: Ask To Apprentice An Entrepreneur

Day 75: Ask Where I Can Host My Meetup

Day 76: Network Hard

Day 77: Cold Exposure Walk

Day 78: Ask Korean Spa If The Chicken Is Organic

Day 79: Post A Podcast Interview

Day 80: Get Rejected. Ask Again.

Day 81: Ask For Help

Day 82: Start A Conversation On The Train

Day 83: Be Completely Honest

Day 84: Make A Twitter Bot

Day 85: Interrupt People

Day 86: Call Family Members

Day 87: Go To Neighbors’ And Don’t Speak

Day 88: Make (But Don’t Eat) My Favorite Dessert

Day 89: Stop Eating After 12pm

Day 90: Call People To Action On The Train

Day 91: Walk In My Bikini In The Cold

Day 92: MAGA Hat On College Campus -crowd favorite

Day 93: Ask To Make An Announcement On My Flight

Day 94: Ask To Meet With The Founder Of An App I Like

Day 95: Walk Backwards for 24 Hours -wacky

Day 96: Make Out Under The Table and Get To Know Older Relatives

Day 97: Ask Why Did You Say That

Day 98: Wear Make Up That Makes Me Look Bad -wacky

Day 99: (Renegotiated) Run 4 Miles

Day 100: Swim In The Ocean