Day 33: No Entertainment

I wrote this challenge idea down when I was still watching a show during dinner and one before bed. I thought it would be difficult to cut down on entertainment back then.

But my spouse and I stopped watching tv during dinner ever since we started eating dinner at 4:30 for day 29’s challenge. And with the discomfort challenges pushing me to act on my goals, I’ve added so much to my schedule. So today I accidentally accomplished this challenge. I didn’t watch any entertainment. I worked until bed time. No time to watch a show. This actually happened yesterday too. So this is something I accidentally accomplished slowly over time.

My very full day

Many of the discomfort challenges I’ve done turn into continued habits. I’m undecided to what extend I’ll continue this habit. At the end of the day, my spouse even asked me to schedule watching entertainment with him, not knowing anything about my challenge to not watch entertainment. So I might bring it back entertainment time. But we don’t necessarily need entertainment, I think it’s just that he wants time together. So I might suggest playing a game or an alternative way of relaxing.

While it’s great that I’m busy, I think I need to schedule some other kinds of time in. I need time to reflect and journal, maybe read too. I do schedule a walk every day with Shlomo and we eat dinner together.

I’ll have to figure out as I go along. I’m just getting into scheduling my time and getting busy. As I get into a good rhythm, I’ll figure out what works. But I’m glad I can go a day without wasting time on entertainment. 

What I Learned 

Sometimes good habits lead to other good habits accidentally.

Work ethic is a muscle. I used to think I’d never be able to grind all day without being overly stressed. But I’ve gotten to the point where it just seems normal to work on my goals. I have been a little stressed, but not by much. I predict that a bit of organization will eliminate the stress.

It’s good reduce entertainment, but some media like non-fiction books might be beneficial. And there may be benefits to cuddling up with your lover to an episode of The Real Housewives. Cuddling aside, I may find that I need the escapism once in a while. But without extreme elimination of entertainment, I won’t know for sure. Experiment.

Lastly, it’s important to schedule different kinds of time. Like reflection and journaling. Being busy just to be busy could burn you out. Reflecting helps me understand myself, grow, and therefore become more efficient, relaxed, and happy.

Through experimenting with your needs and communicating with your family, it should all work out. 

My blogs have been helping me reflect, but I need to take time earlier to write them. I started writing them at night but it’s cutting into bed time. 

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