Day 39: Getting Things Done System

For day 38 of #100DaysOfDiscomfort I spent a week trying out the Getting Things Done system.

Discomforts Addressed:

  • Learning something new
  • Effort 
  • Investing time 

Why Do It?

Because I’m taking on more and more projects, I feel unorganized and hectic. Hopefully, the small discomfort of learning the GTD system will clear my mind.

The idea behind GTD is if you have a system in place, you can be an extremely busy person but feel totally relaxed. Your mind is clear. You know you can manage your projects. 

How did it go.

I first learned about GTD on the Tim Ferris podcast. 

To understand the system more, I watched a few videos on YouTube, and a 30 minute GTD LinkedIn Learned tutorial.

GTD is complex. David Allen said it can take 2 years to feel comfortable with it. So this week I focused on the basics; the capture list, next actions, and projects.

I took 30 minutes every day to go through my capture list; writing every task, thought, and errand down. With every thing written down I cleared my mind of distracting thoughts. 

After a week, I found that I need more guidance on the system. Specifically, managing and organizing the to-do lists overwhelms me. My friends told me the book will provide more clarity. So I ordered the book.

What I Learned 

It’s going to take some time to get fully organized. So I’m glad I’m starting now.

The discomfort I felt from getting busy is important. Discomfort is a signal. A signal that something needs to change. In this case, it signaled that I was about to burn out. So I knew I needed to change something. Adding, GTD was a good solution.

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