Day 42: Give $1 To A Stranger

For day 42 of #100DaysOfDiscomfort, I asked a stranger if they would take my dollar.

I was inspired by Jia Jiang’s $5-rejection-challenge. In Jia’s challenge, he asks 4 strangers if they would take his $5 bill. Behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely personally suggested this challenge to Jia.

I had a $1 dollar bill, so I did the challenge with $1. 

I also recorded the ordeal successfully following Jia’s method!

Here’s my video of the experience:

What I Learned 

I would’ve liked to experienced rejection with this one. Next time, I’ll prepare by having more dollars so I can repeat the challenge. But it was still beneficial to endure the weirdness of the challenge.

I went to this lady because I thought she would take the money. The guys I saw looked old and mean and scary. What would happen if I pushed myself to go for the challenge of asking the scary people?

I wonder if I did the challenge with more money, would people be less likely to take it? It would certainly be more uncomfortable for me!

Above all, this challenge made me happy. I loved bestowing a weird but nice surprise to a stranger.

2 thoughts on “Day 42: Give $1 To A Stranger”

  1. Next time you give a dollar, be sure to pop your collar, and don’t forget to holler. Also, maybe be taller. These are the facts of being a baller. Stay away from brawlers, and hate the crawlers.

    PEACE, LOVE, and GAP. <3

    PS: Cheesecake makes my butt ache, for goodness sake. This is really and not a fake. I drove my car into a lake, and my poo poo makes me quake.

    Love you forever. Your biggest fan.

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