Day 48: Reading Routine

There’s a movement of people committing themselves to read 52 books for 52 weeks. 

I met a guy on instagram who nearly does this challenge, named Bjorn. 

Picture after picture, Bjorn finished so many interesting books.

I wondered, if I read a book a week, how would I be different? What would I know now?

In truth, I’m not necessarily sure I’d want read that much. I have priorities and I’m a slow reader. Reading a book a week could cut into my progress. But the concept interests me. 

I asked Bjorn how much he reads. He said 7 hours per week. So I decided to commit to half of that and read 30 minutes per day for a week. It was a busy week, so even that seemed daunting!

Wanting to get more organized, I bought the book Getting Things Done and committed to reading it this week.

How Did It Go 

I kept to my commitment and spent 30 minutes a day reading.

I have to say, I’m not sure I enjoy reading the book. It’s really a manual. To grasp it fully, I probably need to implement the organization strategies. But I value the information because I’m desperate to organize my workflow. 

So, while I wouldn’t say this is a fun read, I’m glad I read a good chunk of the book. And I’m closer to understanding the GTD method.

What Did I Learn 

I learned that in 30 minutes I get around 10 pages of reading done. So I’m a pretty slow reader.

I found it extremely hard to concentrate and I believe this is due to sleep deprivation. Which makes reading this book all the more important. I have to get my life more organized to I can get more sleep. But I also need more sleep to read the book. Hmmmm…

I probably would have enjoyed this challenge more if I read a different book. But alas, it’s not called #100DaysOfEnjoyment! Yet, I really like the book because I find the information valuable. Sometimes we have to push through the discomfort in order to get somewhere we want to be. Not sometimes, very often.

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