Day 63: Night Jog In The Cold Rain

It rained all day. And all day I wanted to avoid the rain.

Since I committed to attending two events, I had to brave the rain and the cold. But, boy did the weather annoy me!

On my way to a stoics meetup downtown, the rain disintegrated my paper bag that carried my book and packed dinner. Clearly, I didn’t properly prepare.

After coming home from my friend’s comedy show, it was 10pm. I realized that all day I felt so inconvenienced by the weather. My energy was drained just from thinking about the rain.

So, I decided to embrace the discomfort of the rain. I went for a jog at 10pm in 46 degree raining weather.

As always, I found that when I embrace the discomfort, it doesn’t really feel so uncomfortable. At face value, I was cold and wet. But my spirits were high. I didn’t feel bad about feeling uncomfortable. I just let it be.

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