Day 69: Ask For A Keto Paleo Organic Birthday Cake

Many vegan and gluten free bakeries exist, but no bakeries cater to my strict diet:

  • Strict Paleo (which excludes gmo or gmo-derived ingredients)
  • Keto
  • Organic animal products only
  • I track all my macro nutrients and most of my micro nutrients

Last year my birthday cake was a grilled fish fillet with a candle in it. It was delicious. But it would be nice to experience birthday cake.

I’ve never met anyone with my diet. So clearly there’s no market for a keto-paleo-organic-macro-tracked cake. Yet I would pay so much for a birthday cake that I didn’t have to make myself.

Instead of accepting the market as is, I decided to ask the world for my perfect cake.

I set a goal to find a custom cake by my birthday. I started putting out my request into the world; Telling people what what I wanted and staying open to opportunities.

Meeting Jesse

Yesterday, I met Jesse Jarmon at a halloween party, an aspiring entrepreneur pastry chef. In one of his instagram pictures he used organic eggs. So I thought he might be hip to higher-end ingredients and special diets.

I asked him if he would collaborate with me on a birthday cake. He was really into it! He even said we’d set up a tasting beforehand. Now I’m stoked!

What I Learned

Don’t settle for what the world offers you. Ask for what you want.

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