Day 81: Ask For Help

For the last two days, I set out to finish a twitter bot as my discomfort challenge. However, it’s been harder than I thought. So instead, my challenge yesterday was to reach out for help.

Getting Help: A Weakness Or Strength?

Asking for help feels like failing. I can’t do it on my own. I must suck.

But could asking for help actually be the key to not sucking?

Maybe success comes from the ability to pool your resources. Getting help from wherever you can get it. Do successful people operate this way?

Getting help is a skill. It takes courage and clarity. Many people struggle with both. So, if you can put your ego aside and figure out how to get help, maybe you’d have an upper hand?

These two ideas live in my mind; getting help is a weakness, getting help is a strength. Emotionally, I feel a bit defeated. But my wisdom tells me that getting help is my edge.

To succeed we need to do whatever it takes to reach the end. The truth is, many people aren’t willing to do that. If getting help gets me to the finish line, I’ll do it. I’ll seek help again and again and again.

How I Looked For help

For anyone curious, I posted on, stackoverflow, as well as messaging some coders and posting on linkedin and twitter. This was after looking through a lot of documentation and sample projects.

No Help Can Be A Good Sign

I haven’t gotten any real answers yet. To me this means my question was well warranted. Nobody seems to know the answer. This is great, because when I figure it out I’ll have a solution to share with others.

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