Day 89: Stop Eating After 12pm

Apparently monks fast after 12pm. I wondered if I could eat like a monk.

But the idea sounds challenging. Food is my respite from work. I look forward to dinner. What would I have to look forward to if I finished all my delicious food in the morning?

But interestingly, what I like about dinner- having something to look forward too- may actually be a pitfall.

My brain wanders off throughout the day, thinking about my next meal. So I’m often distracted by thoughts of food while I work.

I found that by eating all my food before 12 yesterday, I was full and didn’t think about food for the rest of the day. It was kind of nice to eat a big delicious meal and feel satisfied all at once.

So I may try this again. Though I wonder, is it healthy to eat so much food all at once?

This was my lunch/dinner

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