Day 98: Wear Make Up That Makes Me Look Bad

Looks. Society both says they matter, and they don’t. Or rather, society says they don’t matter but behaves differently. Growing up I heard idioms like “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” or “Beauty is only skin deep.”

Yet I see people around me both spend time on beauty and reward beauty.

This really beings me to the question: is beauty actually important or not? Do we benefit from paying attention to our own and others appearance?

As with most things, I believe the answer isn’t black and white. Beauty can make people feel comfortable. While extremely bad looking people can be distracting. But can beauty distract as well?

Either way, I decided to dissipate some of my own obsession with my looks. I made myself look worse and then went to my favorite restaurant in Fort Myers, Mina’s Bistro. The workers know me here, and I plan on going back. So it was especially uncomfortable.

I enhanced my dark circle, gave myself a unibrow, and mustache.

I was going for the “naturally bad” look

Because I expected to look hideous, the resulting look didn’t shock me. In fact, I thought I looked exotic. Like a model. However, it was clear my family thought I looked worse. This reassured me that my plan was underway.

At Mina’s, I kept forgetting about my terrible face. But the few times I remembered, I felt self conscious. But, I reminded myself that people are uncomfortable when you are uncomfortable. So, I had to be extra confident and friendly to make up for my poor looks.

Overall, looking worse didn’t effect my night. I had a great time and mostly forgot how bad I looked. I think the challenge would be more difficult if I looked bad at a networking event. Next time!

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