Yesterday Review:

  • Listed one item on Ebay
  • Sorted through my vintage soda cans. Researched can sales on Ebay. Determining what to list.
  • Researched vintage can features and value
  • Edited my dev.to post. Asked a friend on twitter to review it
  • Asked a friend on twitter for advice with ebay sales
  • Worked on React native Weight Watchers app

It would be great to get a better sense of my time use. Yesterday, I wasted time on social media. I wasted time today too and it’s only 10am.

My biggest time-waster is when I go to the bathroom and I think, “Might as well go on my phone and multi task.” But this turns a 1-5 minutes bathroom break into an extended phone break.

Being tired yesterday didn’t help. Tiredness leads to laziness. But, after returning to my early dinner routine, I got a good nights sleep. My Oura ring has been showing me that later meals interact with my resting heart rate while sleeping.

Wrapping Up

I spent the first half of the day working on Ebay. Then I worked on my two meetups. After dinner, I worked on coding.

Other uses of my time:

  • Meal prep
  • Social media- Both Good and Bad
  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Eating
  • And probably later I will hang out with my spouse before bed.

On social media I spent too much time reading stupid things I disliked. This is a bad use of my time.

I also conversed with some fellow peers about goals. This was a good use of my time on social.

What Could I Have Done Better?

Stop searching out stupid content. I have a bad habit of searching out posts I disagree with and then silently go over every reason the poster is stupid for their opinion. This is a shameful habit. What kind of person finds pleasure in the logical blunders of others? An ego maniac.

I need figurative blinders. Blinders to everything that isn’t useful. A wise person finds smart content on posts they disagree with.

Stop going on my phone when I’m on the toilet. It wastes time.

Do something nice for my parents. Maybe clean something or make them healthy food. Or hug them more.

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