Time Tracking 1-16-20

I want a way to track my time publicly. This would keep me so accountable. Could you imagine if I had to publicly admit to googling the dumb things I waste time on?

Time Tracking App Idea

Would be interesting if the app could all be automated based on phone and computer use. If the app detects no activity, it asks what you were doing during that time.

Of course this could be overwhelming. Maybe I should just create a public log of time spent on different sites and what I searched. I bet I could do this with shell scripting.

Manual Time Tracking

Or I could start by doing it the old fashion manual way!

Analog Time Tracking:

Starting at 11:38am

11:38-12:07: Listed An Item on Ebay

12:07-12:48: Cleaned a can and ruined it 🙁 . Listed it anyways as a set with another can

12:48-1:03: started to clean another can. responded to linked in comments. Family text about my birthday

1:03-1:15: listed another can on Ebay

1:16-1:20: put can away. Used the can (toilet). Is this getting too granular?

1:20-1:26: jog around block

1:27-1:45: prepped lunch

1:45-2:02: ate lunch and watched the office

2:02-2:18: Social media- replied to some people. All good stuff.

Now it’s 2:20 and I’m not sure what to do next. What would be most beneficial? Some Ideas:

  • Post/Create Content
  • Shower
  • Journal

2:2?-2-30: Paid for 750words.com membership

2:30-2:57: Journaled on 750words.com

2:57-3:15: took a Tik Tok video. Having trouble editing. Might need to update

3:15-3:18: send condolence text

3:25-3:40: nap

3:40-3:54: social media and get ready to shower

3:54-4:18: shower and get dressed

4:25-4:34: prepped dinner

4:34-4:45: dinner

4:50-6:00: travel to coding meetup, talked on social media

6-8: coding meetup

8-10: travel home, and grocery store, then bed

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