Day 10: I did a comfort zone challenge in my sleep, graffiti, Youtube


  1. Upload a video to Youtube
  2. Graffiti something indecent and sign my name
  3. Do Improv (I did this challenge in a dream)

Upload a video to Youtube

I’ve been putting off making content for youtube, a goal I’ve set out for myself. Yesterday, when I was adding a short video into my blog, I thought, “I could post this on my website directly (easy, comfortable, waste of website space), or I could start some momentum on youtube and get reacquainted with the platform.”

The later felt like it was more work, even though it was just a few extra minutes. Sometimes a few extra minutes is more uncomfortable than we recognize. I put a lot of projects off because of the many small tasks involved.

Acknowledging the discomfort of the small step, helped me recognize that I was putting it off and exactly why. Knowing this small task was uncomfortable, I thought “Discomfort is no reason to put this off! Take action!”

What I Learned: Minuscule discomforts evade capture and add up. Recognize the tiny discomforts you’re putting off, even though the task may be small. Then do it! Or at least find a better reason to delay the task than discomfort.

Graffiti something indecent and sign my name

Actually, my BFF Shlomo signed my name.

When I drew this I was half amused and half ashamed at myself. But comforted by the anonymity. Until Shlomo signed my name. I don’t know anyone else with my name in my community.

If anyone asks, that’s a rainbow.

Improv in a dream

I’ve been spending so much time looking for discomforts to take advantage of, that I’m now doing discomfort challenges in my dreams.

I had a non-lucid dream last night. I was at an improv show. I remembered the two other challenges I did already, but I thought, this would be a great opportunity for one more challenge. So I jumped on stage, keeping these goals in mind:

  • Don’t worry about not getting laughs, in fact, embrace it
  • Make the other people on stage look funny and smart

I improvised a song and did a scene with some other people. Some jokes landed, mostly the audience was silent. I was not lucid, so this felt just as real as waking life and just as uncomfortable, but I didn’t let the discomfort bother me. I was proud of it!

I’d like to try the same challenge with the same mindset in waking life and compare.

It would be great to do more challenges in my dreams. But without getting lucid it will be hard to control. If I do the challenges in my lucid dreams, it could still benefit me, but I’d be aware that the other people weren’t real which might take away from the discomfort.

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