Day 11: Ask Strangers About Their Life Goals

For Day 11, I asked people “What are your life goals and have they changed since you were younger?”

Why This Challenge

The first thing I want to know about a person is their life goals. Yet, only a handful of people ever shared their goals with me.

I’m too shy to ask even my closest friends and family. What if the question makes people uncomfortable? What if they think I’m weird for asking?

This challenge pushed me to stop worrying about what others think, and ask the questions I’m curious about.

Listen To the Whole Experience

I documented the experience in a podcast:

The Public’s Reactions

People with goals were not put off by my question. They jumped in, excited to answer without hesitation.

The teenage group I talked to didn’t have many goals. They were more uncomfortable around the question. I wonder if they were embarrassed to admit their ambitions in front of their lazy friends.

What I Learned

I should skip small talk more often. Go for the big questions!

People with answers love to talk. People without answers are only mildly disturbed by the question.

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