Day 12: Make A Podcast

For Day 12, I made a podcast with the audio I recorded of Day 11 (Ask Strangers About Their Life Goals).

To do this, I had to learn a lot. Learning and trying new things always has a level of discomfort.

I downloaded Adobe Audition and went through some tutorials.

My podcast wasn’t great. The content wasn’t incredible and the post production was lacking. But it’s my first podcast and it doesn’t need to be good.

I’ve spent too much time avoiding action because I feared doing something wrong. The discomfort challenge is helping me take a different approach. Action first, learn while doing.

Learning in private is comfortable. Your failures are risk free. No one sees your mistakes.

Action is uncomfortable. When you learn in public while taking action, everyone sees your failures. But, as Matt Higgins said, the universe favors those with a bias towards action. I’m trying to habituate myself to action.

The truth is, if my first 20 podcasts suck, most people won’t care. If my blog is boring, no one’s going around complaining.

As I’ve learned many times with the discomfort challenge, people aren’t paying attention to you. Their time is valuable. Give them value and they’ll notice. Fuck up and they don’t care. So you’re free to experiment!

Do! Make! Try! Take risks!

What I Learned: Take action. Be consistent. Learn while doing.

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