Day 27: Post An Unusual Meetup

As the co-organizer for the Active/Lucid Dreaming Chicago Meetup Group, I’ve had a lot of ideas for out-of-the ordinary events. But I rarely go through with them. Instead, I resort to our default “dream share” or book club format.

A lucid dreaming book club MeetUp

For my challenge, I went through with posting a unique event. This challenge was a continuation from a few days ago when I asked the main organizer if I could host an event. I gave myself until Friday to post the meetup.

Truth be told, I haven’t finalized the name, description, agenda, location, or even date of the event. But a commitment is a commitment, so I posted it anyways. I’ll probably keep changing the event information over the next few days.

Here’s the event information so far:

Event Title:

Think Like A Lucid Dreamer

Event Details:

Many people attempt lucid dreaming. But, without thinking like a lucid dreamer, their progress stalls.

Thinking like a lucid dreamer is more than controlling your dreams night. It’s a practical approach to life, wherein we understand our environment and pick the best action.

A lack of lucidity leads to time-wasting and poor choices.

Most of us treat our dreams as if we’re awake, and our waking life as if we’re dreaming.

We forget how much control of life we truly have. Instead, we let our emotions and the judgements of other control us.

To be lucid means:

To do what you want no matter how others judge you.
To approach life rationally.
To learn from failure and not take it personally.
To notice what others don’t.
To be constantly evolving as you gather more information about the world.

Lucid dreaming is just one aspect of this lucid mindset. By growing our “lucid muscle”, we learn to automatically notice when we’re awake and when we’re asleep.

In this meetup we’ll cover topics and perform exercises that develop our lucid mindset.

3pm- Meet at Bond, introductions
3:15- Group Exercises
4- TBD

Meet Your Host:
I’m Dash. I taught myself to lucid dream 9 years ago. I consider myself a practical lucid dreamer; I use lucid dreaming to better my life, not to escape it. I first used lucid dreaming to eat junk food in my dreams while keeping a strict diet in waking life. Now, I use it to optimize my sleep time to learn, grow, and have fun.

How Do I Envision The Meetup?

It’s difficult to put my desired event into words. Just to be clear, I don’t actually know what we’re going to be doing yet. I’ll have to update the meetup information as I figure it out.

But I know what I want. I want the meetup to be a hybrid of:

  • stoicism
  • comfort zone challenges
  • pranks
  • lucid dreaming
  • self development
  • maybe even entrepreneurship

In other words, a bunch of stuff I like. Still, I need to bring it all together. It needs to make sense.

I truly believe these topics are interconnected. But it will take organization to fully illustrate how they interact.

It’s been a big desire for me to reframe lucid dreaming. Most people associate lucid dreaming with spiritualism, escapism, and eastern philosophy. Nothing against these spheres, but I want to bring lucid dreaming to the practical world.

For example, how could a parent, business owner, artist, scientist, or student use lucid dreaming? Could a lucid mindset actualize their goals faster and better? Could it be a fun daily practice that guides them through challenges in waking life and gives them the added benefit of optimizing their nightly dreams?

I believe the answer is yes. But I need to take these thoughts in my head and make them into something concrete.

What I Learned

With this challenge I took a leap into the unknown. I have no clue what my event will be like. Waiting around to figure it out hasn’t done me any good. Instead I’m committing to sloppily figure it out as I go. My new mantra is sloppy, messy, action!

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