Day 28: Ask Friends If I Can Help Sell Something

For day 28, I posted on Facebook asking if I can help sell or market a product. In return, I only wanted snacks.

Facebook post reads: I need help: I'm looking to get some experience selling/marketing.  Does anyone have (or know someone who) need something sold or marketed? If you have experience and can guide me, even better.  Willing to work for one bag of Smart Sweets gummy bears and a can of Zevia per day. Basically free labor!!

In response, I got a few proposals:

  • Marketing a comedy show
  • Social media marketing for a ceramics artist
  • Selling Arbonne products
  • Affiliate program platforms
  • A few other people said to DM them, but I haven’t heard back

At this time, I haven’t finalized who I’ll be helping. I still need to follow up.

The challenge opened up opportunities for me. I got in contact with interesting people: Makers and shakers who have something to sell. People like this inspire me.

I’ll have to post a follow up in a few days.

What I Learned

Leverage your social media contacts. Stop using social media to distract you and complain. Instead, use it to create opportunities. Ask. Ask. Ask. Moreover, offer value (ex: working for only snacks) and it becomes mutually beneficial.

Imagine if we only used social media to exchange value. Indeed, that’s true community.

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