Day 36: Live By A Schedule

For day 36 I completed a week of following a daily schedule.  

My schedule for the week

Why is it uncomfortable: 

First, it takes effort and time to put together a schedule. Then, I have to assert my schedule to the people around me who want my time and attention. I find effort and assertiveness uncomfortable. 

Additionally, I’m naturally disorganized, so scheduling goes against my DNA.

That being said, keeping the schedule sounds easy. But planning and asserting my time is a minor discomfort.

As I’ve learned throughout the challenge, minor discomforts are huge problems. They keep me from taking action.

Why do I want to do it?

While meticulously planning my time will be uncomfortable at first, it will relieve greater discomforts.

My days are getting busy and hectic. Without the schedule, if someone tries to make plans, whether for work or socializing, I get anxious.

I don’t know what my day will be on Wednesday, so how do I know if I can see you? Will I complete all my work? Will making plans derail my goals for the day?

With a schedule, I can map my time and let the calendar do the thinking for me.

How did it go?

The schedule helped me track my time and brought me insights about my what I need. One day I felt burnt out. I realized I need to schedule reflection and journaling time. So the next day I added reflection to my schedule.

Basically, scheduling is a kind of self quantification. With clear data, I can better understand myself.

Planning and tracking my day made me intentional about my time. For example, on a non-scheduled week I probably consume 9 hours of entertainment or more. This week I consumed around 1 hour, maybe 2. 

Scheduling even helped my discomfort challenges. With scheduling, I started planning my discomfort challenges in advanced based on my activities for the day.

What I Learned

Pushing through micro discomforts often lead to massive returns.

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