Day 4: Ask to try power washing, mock code interview, holding a stranger’s hand

Today’s Challenges:

  • Ask a worker if I can try his power washer
  • Impromptu mock code interview
  • Shlomo’s Challenge: Ask a stranger to hold hands while crossing the street

Ask a worker if I can try his power washer

I asked a worker using a power washer if I could try it.

This looked fun to me.

He said no.

I asked why.

He said he wasn’t allowed.

I didn’t feel so uncomfortable by it. So I took on another challenge later.

Impromptu Mock Code Interview

Later that day, I had a scheduled video call with a developer, Eric Adamski @zealigan, who I found on twitter offering free mentoring sessions.

During the call I found out he sometimes conducts code interviews.

I told Eric how scary code interviews sound. For those who aren’t familiar, in a code interview you’re given a coding problem which you have to solve out loud in front of strangers without a computer.

I’ve heard it isn’t uncommon to cry after these interviews. Intimidated by the idea, I’ve been avoiding finding out what the interviews are like.

I don’t like doing things on the spot. Especially with a crowd. I like to plan meticulously. I like to think in silence in the comfort of my lonesomeness.

But here I was faced with an opportunity of immense discomfort. So I asked Eric to share what question he would ask in a code interview. Then I went ahead and began to solve it out loud in front of him.

I normally would not invite something so impromptu and on the spot but I went for it, leaping into the discomfort.

Astoundingly, Eric said I was the first person to get the right answer and if it was a real interview he’d give me an offer. So I felt really good after this challenge.

I wonder how nervous I would be in a real coding interview and if that would change the outcome.

Also, I have a fever today and I haven’t had one in almost 4 years. I’m pretty sure it’s related to pushing myself physically for this challenge at the gym and sprinting. The last two times I’ve was sick was right after pushing myself too hard in the gym. But it could also be from eating raw chicken. I still had a productive day and kept my spirits up.

Shlomo’s Challenge: Ask a stranger to hold hands while crossing the street

Shlomo texted me his experience so I will share his text. Just a note, Shlomo’s Americanized name is Sam.


I just did the ask a stranger to hold your hand while you walk across the street challenge. I waited for a bit because nobody approached but then a man approached in his late 40s looking quite ragtag and I said are you crossing the street and  he said yeah what do you need and I said will you help me cross the street and I put my hand out and he said why and I said I get nervous and he said OK, and took my hand and we started crossing the street. I thanked him and asked him his name, he said Cary, I said my name was sam, then I made a joke, “one small step for man one giant leap for sam” as we crossed. I don’t think he laughed. I thanked him and he continued on his way. I waited for more opportunities but non presented so I started to walk home and saw Johnathan, the guy who was assaulted and thought, another great opportunity to be uncomfortable, so I approached him and talked with him and his girlfriend for awhile. He appreciate me stopping by for a chat.

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