Day 5: Working On An Ambitious Goal

Yesterday, I had a stomach ache and a fever so I didn’t feel like leaving the house. I decided to take on a challenge I could do from home: Working on an ambitious goal.

I’m not going to reveal too much about my goal right now. But it’s an open source hardware project that involves lucid dreaming.

The project requires access to Twitter’s API. Twitter’s API isn’t open. You must apply for access.

I applied in January. I thought my application was still being processed. Yesterday, I decided to take action and see what I could do to speed up that process. But when I logged into my developer account I finally saw a notice that officially Twitter rejected my application.

Once you’re rejected you can’t apply again on that same account. You’re forever banned.

The comfortable response is to complain about this stupid policy. And I do have many complaints. The obvious, but for some reason uncomfortable response is to make a new account and apply again.

So that’s what I did. I took action. I worked with reality: Twitter rejected my last application- that’s done.

Sometimes we work against reality. We act on what we want reality to be: I want Twitter to have a better application process. I want to complain about their current process.

Complaining is comfortable. But it does nothing. It’s a form of denial. Complaining takes our energy and transforms it into nothing. That’s illogical.

What’s logical? What get’s you somewhere? What’s uncomfortable? Taking action and surfing the waves of reality.

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