Day 45: Ask For A Tour at Lickety Split

I’m posting this on Yom Kippur, so I’m going to keep this one short and mostly unedited, since it’s busy day.

For day 45 I asked the worker at Lickety Split if I could get a tour behind the counter. He said no, but that he could show me from across the counter.

I asked if he wasn’t allowed to let me behind the counter, which he confirmed. I asked who had the authority to let me behind the counter. He started to ask his co-worker if some guy named Kevin could let me behind the counter. But we got distracted and started talking about how the ice cream is made.

He spoke for a while because no one came in. I thought I was annoying him but he seemed to like talking about how the ice cream is made. 

I learned that people like to talk. Don’t be afraid to ask people to teach you something because they might like teaching you. Especially, if the topic is something they enjoy. The worker seemed seemed to enjoy the ice cream shop.

Oh yeah, these rejection challenges are always easier when you ask someone in costumer service. So next rejection challenge will be too a regular citizen

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