Day 44: Live Stream My Coding Session

For day 44, I live streamed my coding session on Twitch.

Link: Watch Service Workers Node Server from dashbarkhuss on

I’ve been coding every day since Jan 1, 2019. I code for two hours. 

Being new to coding, the idea of people on the internet watching me code brings up my insecurities. Above all, I dislike thinking out loud or visibly in public. This is a result of my innate perfectionism. 

I grappled with the discomfort of thinking out loud in my code interview challenge and my help a friend with marketing challenge. From these experiences and others, I’m slowly getting acquainted with the craft of thinking-out-loud. 

Though I was nervous at first, the two guests in my chat really welcomed me. Despite their larger knowledge set (actually I’m not sure what their knowledge set was), they stayed and watched my whole stream. They were very helpful and joked around we me. 

I really dislike the fake-it-’til-you-make-it mentality. That’s fodder for imposture syndrome. So I consistently remained upfront about what I didn’t know. Through out the video, I voiced what I was unsure of, or unfamiliar with.

I originally thought I would code something I totally understand, so that newbs could learn something. But I pushed myself to code something challenging. Though this may have scared newbs away, it drew more experienced coders to my video. In turn, I had knowledgable coders trying to help me.

This experience helped me be more relaxed with, and accepting of, my level of knowledge. It was cool that even though I didn’t know 100% what I was doing, people still got value from watching me code. 

I had a good time with Nathan and Wridgeu

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