Day 51: Use Western Medicine

I haven’t taken medicine in 8 years. Generally, I avoid medication. While convenient and effective, I find they often come with complications. And many only mask symptoms. 

When I have a medical issue, I like to take the gentler, slower route. Usually, I try to figure out the root cause. I’ll treat the issue with nutrition, sleep, and time. This works well for me.

Recently, I nearly waited out a wisdom tooth infection. It almost healed, without antibiotics or medication. But, I had to get the tooth removed. Unfortunately, surgery exposes the infection to blood, increasing the risk of complications.

So my doctor put me on antibiotics. This was the first time I took western medicine in 8 years. Not even a Tylenol or anti-histamine entered my body. 

Why This Is Uncomfortable

I wondered, How would the antibiotic affect my perfect gut microbiome? It took a long time to build up! Over the years, I’ve kept a strict keto-paleo-organic diet. I avoid herbicides and pesticides that kill gut bacteria.

Since gut bacteria plays a role in neurotransmitter production, maintaining good gut health is my priority. A functioning brain helps me both as a lucid dreamer and as a person frequently uses my brain. 

However, I knew the infection could worsen when exposed to the incisions. To avoid major problems, I reluctantly took the antibiotics.

To reduce help keep my gut healthy, I picked up a fermented foods for during the antibiotic round, as well as a 5-day probiotic for after the antibiotics.

I finished the antibiotics and probiotics with little issue.

What I Learned

I learned that while I don’t need to rely on medical intervention, they’re a tool I can use occasionally. My default is: using nutrition and sleep, and waiting for issues to heal on their own. Then when I really need to, I can use the harsher medicines. 

I don’t need to dwell on the terrible things the medicine will do to my body. Sometimes you got to use a more destructive tool. As long as I use it wisely, it’s ok.

This challenge taught me about balance. Avoiding harsh medication keeps my body functioning well. Then, when I need to take medicine, my body handles the side effects better. My doctor said most people experience side effects from the antibiotics, but I experienced very little issues. Could be a coincidence. But, I think not!

I also learned that my difficult health choices are personal. I shouldn’t expect anyone to follow the same health principles as me. Some people may want to use lots of western medicine, some people may never use any. I wouldn’t want anyone judging me for my personal choice, so I can’t judge others.

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