Day 52: Clean Up

For day 51, I spent an hour cleaning. 

I’m messy. So is my spouse. We both don’t like cleaning. Together, we’re a disaster. 

That being said, a clean environment helps me keep my mind clear. So I decided to spend time pushing through the discomfort of cleaning up.

I gave myself an hour, which seemed like more time than I needed. But in the end, I put a very small dent in the mess I created.

Before And After

The towel is still there because it’s my spouse’s yoga mat. And the bed is unmade because I don’t see the point.

Not pictured:

  • Ordered a hamper
  • Did laundry
  • Cleaned up some of my parent’s kitchen. 

What I Learned

If I acknowledge how difficult it is for me to clean, I’m more likely to do it. I really don’t like chores. They’re a lot of work for no recognition. By I saying to myself, “This is uncomfortable and you can do it!” I felt like someone appreciated my effort. Even if that someone was just me.

I’d like to dedicate a small portion of my day, maybe 10 minutes to clean up. That way things won’t get out of hand.

Folding laundry takes too long. I want less clothes so I don’t have to fold so many things. 

The right tools are important. I realized, without a hamper, my clothes are going on the floor. 

I knew that there was a likely hood that if I went on Amazon to find a hamper, I would spend forever picking one. Instead, I decided I would pick whatever was the amazon choice for a cheap utilitarian dark colored hamper. So that’s what I did. I streamlined the process.

I underestimate the time it takes to clean up.

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