Day 53: Ask a Stranger for 100 Dollars

For day 53, I asked a stranger for $100.

I’d been avoiding this rejection challenge.

If asking a stranger to play paper scissors rock or how their pizza tastes caused pandemonium, I couldn’t imagine what asking for a $100 dollars would be like!

Turns out, it was easy!

What I learned 

Don’t let a past experience scare you. Each experience will be different. It depends on the person you encounter.

Contrary to previous rejection challenges, this experience was warm and pleasant. Not only that, but I would be friends with this guy!

If you’re resisting some action, do the steps leading up to the most difficult part. I putting off this challenge, making excuses that I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t around a stranger and I didn’t have my video set-up together. So, today I only committed to putting the video set-up together and going on a walk. But that was all it took to push me to do the actual challenge. The barriers were gone. I had no excuse.

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