Day 58: Plan Another Meetup

For day 58, I planned another meetup. 

I’ve talked many times throughout my discomfort journey about the discomfort of getting started. Now I’m master starter. But what about continuing?

One meet up won’t do much. To create a community, I need to keep going.

While starting requires effort, continuing carries other discomforts:

With continuing, the novelty diminishes. You might need to reinvigorate your purpose so as to not become stale. 

When starting we took risks, now it’s time to reflect and implement what we learned from those risks. And still take more risks.

I kept wanting to stop, and continue planning the next day. First when I couldn’t find a location. Then when I found a location but wasn’t sure about the best day. And once more, when rewriting the description.

I doubt these details are so important. Just try something new and see if it works! 

The key here is patience. I didn’t learn to code in a day. I learned by coding every single day for the last 295 days. Some days I didn’t code my best. But so what. 

I don’t let the details- the micro mistakes- bother me. It’s the big picture that matters. In a year, if I’ve run my meetup with intention consistently, I’ll have figured out so much.

My friends’ brother passed away yesterday, Mendel Goldbloom. This blog post is dedicated to Mendel. Though I knew him from afar, he had a playful spirit and was a master of discomfort. It’s clear he will be missed by many.

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