Day 6: Post On Instagram

Day 6’s challenge was to break my beautifully curated instagram feed and post something after a 1.5 year hiatus.

Why Take On This Challenge?

My instagram is highly curated, both visually and subject-wise. I only recently allowed myself to add “coding” and “keto/paleo” to my bio. My bio used to strictly talk about lucid dreaming.

Every post here took a massive amount of time:

  • Setting up a tripod and other equipment
  • Posing for and taking the photo myself
  • Hours of editing
  • Creating the text content, all of which was related to lucid dreaming, often containing references to scientific papers

A year and a half ago I made this image of myself and I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to post it:

The occasion never came. I never thought of the perfect text to post with it.

My life is visually messy, not purple-y blue rainbow like my instagram. So how could I ever post anything? Unless I spend hours on a post, I’d break my feed! If I post about anything outside of lucid dreaming, I’d confuse my audience!

In truth, I knew I wanted to experiment more with my content for a while, despite the advice of many Instagram gurus. But taking the leap was just too uncomfortable.

So I decided to break my feed for this challenge.

What Happened?

I posted an image about my discomfort challenge linking to my first blog post.

As a discomfort bonus, I shared a selfie of me on a particularly bad face day.

Having a “bad face day”

I actually lost at least 5 followers from this post. Which is totally ok with me.

Short term, I expect to put off some of my old followers. That’s ok. Some probably don’t even remember me. Some might not like my new direction. I’m looking for my true followers. I wouldn’t want anyone to follow me if my content doesn’t bring them value.

What I learned

The need for perfection increases discomfort. Be a little messy and experiment, even though it’s uncomfortable. It’s ok to take some loss in the short term.

I was surprised how much I didn’t care that people unfollowed me. In the past, it would bother me. Maybe because I expected it this time? Maybe because I’ve seen that being genuine doesn’t get you a lot of likes immediately, but with consistency you find followers who truly resonate with what you’re about.

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