Day 78: Ask Korean Spa If The Chicken Is Organic

The Korean spa by me, King Spa, lists “Organic Fried Chicken” on their menu.

I always thought this was suspicious. They have about 50 different meals. Why would only the fried chicken use organic ingredients?

I only eat organic meat, but no restaurant in the Chicagoland serves organic meat. If this fried chicken really is organic, then the rest of the chicken might be organic too. And maybe, I could eat something!

I normally will ask restaurants detailed questions. But I’m nervous asking detailed questions to people who don’t speak English well. They might not understand what I’m saying. I might not understand what they’re saying.

For some reason misunderstandings make me uncomfortable.

I asked, expecting there to be a lot of miscommunication. It was clear the worker didn’t understand what organic meant. She told me the reason the fried chicken is organic is because they make their own seasoning. So I’m pretty sure they meant original and made a bad translation.

When I asked if the chicken was certified organic she slowly repeated that back to me. Then said no.

Even though it was hard to understand each other, I got over my fear of misunderstanding. As a result, I got an answer to question I’ve been wondering for years.

I also ran into my next door neighbor while I was completely naked. That didn’t make me uncomfortable. But this did.

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