Day 79: Post A Podcast Interview

Yesterday, I finally edited and posted the podcast interview from Conduct A Podcast Interview.

It was uncomfortable because:

  • I’m nervous for the first hour and look, and sound unconfident
  • I don’t know if I did a good job interviewing, now everyone will get to judge me
  • I physically look a mess, which I sort of did on purpose
  • I had to learn some knew adobe skills
  • I was feeling the affects of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Can’t Finish? Start Anyway

There were several steps I didn’t figure out in this process. I wanted to export the sound from the video to Adobe Audition. Then I’d have a sound-only version and post it where podcasts go. But I couldn’t figure out how.

I want to also isolate exceptional moments, and turn those into tiny videos to post on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. But didn’t have time.

I wasn’t able to get to those steps before bed. But I didn’t let stop me from posting what I could post.

Start, even if you don’t think you’ll finish today. All the best things take time. Commit to the long term.

Many Other Discomforts

As I progress through the Discomfort challenge, I find myself naturally making uncomfortable choices frequently. Yesterday, I did many uncomfortable tasks:

  • Posted on instagram (after a hiatus)
  • Contacted companies about using their space for free
  • Publicly told someone on instagram that no, I couldn’t get lunch with them (They asked publicly)
  • Posted different content on LinkedIn
  • Posted different content on Twitter
  • Did chores while feeling depressed from SAD
  • Took Measures to combat SAD
  • Contacted 3 programmers about mentoring me
  • Contacted a CEO about an apprenticeship
  • Contacted a recruiter

Wow, I really did a lot out of my comfort zone now that I’m listing this all out. Actually, I did even more that I’m not listing.

Discomfort Default

Clearly, I’ve stretched my comfort zone. I’m now regularly picking the uncomfortable path. It feels natural. Rejection feels routine. I no longer avoid it. Instead, I seek it out knowing that what I want is on the other side of rejection.

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