Day 91: Walk In My Bikini In The Cold


  • Temperature: 39 degrees F and I wore a bikini
  • Judgement: Orthodox Jews were walking around because it was Shabbas.

Benefits of Cold Bikini Walks:

  • Cold Exposure
  • Mental Strength
  • Fights Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Improved Immune System
  • Showing off the goods
Perfect Winter Look

What Happened

A group of people crossed the street. Perhaps to avoid me.

One lady said to her friends, “I’m confused.”

But you can really do whatever you want in this world. People generally let you be.

As far as the temperature, only my fingers were cold. And I wasn’t thinking about the cold. I was more concerned with how crazy I looked. A clear example of the power of the mind.

Improved Sleep?

I got tired at 10pm, something that never happens to me. Could walking in a bikini in winter be the key to curing my insomnia?

I wondered if exposing my skin to the sun helped my circadian rhythm. I’m going to explore this hypothesis.

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