Day 92: MAGA Hat On College Campus

I endorse no political figures in this challenge.

Mom was afraid I’d get beat up, so she joined me on this challenge

I tried wearing political garb in a previous challenge, where I wore a MAGA hat and a Bernie shirt to a friend’s party.

But now, I was going to wear a MAGA hat on a college campus.

Before doing the challenge, I consumed videos and articles about people doing similar challenges. The videos convinced me that an angry mob would attack me the second I showed the hat.

I delayed this challenge as much as possible because the idea paralyzed me. In fact, this was actually the last possible day I could do the challenge. The next day, I had to give the hat back to the owner.

Here’s how it went:

In conclusion, the world is not as hostile and divisive as people would make you think. I now believe people exaggerate the divisiveness in the country.

This challenge has me wanting to be more open. If I can walk around a college campus wearing a MAGA hat in a liberal city, maybe I can express my own controversial opinions?

I generally don’t talk openly or inquisitively about certain topics. It seemed to me that society poisoned certain conversations with judgment. So I revoked society’s “privileges”; I stopped allowing people to talk with me on these subjects.

But now I wonder, is that judgement not reality? Does the media want me to think society is divisive when it isn’t? Is the media using false divisiveness to divide us?

I can’t believe how scared I was to do this and how non-eventful it actually was. It really puts my anxiety into perspective.

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