Day 96: Make Out Under The Table and Get To Know Older Relatives

But not at the same time.

For day 96, I decided to get to know some of my older relatives on my spouse’s side at Thanksgiving dinner.

Older people intimidate me. I feel so young and naive around them. But I think you can learn a lot from them. By cultivating rich relationships with people of different ages, you develop a rich perspective.

So I pushed myself to get closer with them, in spite of my insecurities.

Luckily, my aunt-in-law placed me at the adult table this year. I was the youngest at the table.

My Relatives

I really enjoyed connecting with my Uncle-In-Law Bob. We found we had a mutual passion for biohacking. Not only was our talk informative, but also playful. I felt I made a new friend in Uncle Bob.

My Aunt-In-Law Laura talked with me about Vipassana. She’s always been friendly to me, but I only feel I recently let down my guard to her. Which was only up because I felt intimidated. She’s so cool.

My Uncle-In-Law Mark is a really successful lawyer. I don’t know him so well, but I’ve always been impressed by his success and wanted to know him better. I got the opportunity to ask him questions about his life goals. He said he always wanted to be a lawyer and that he loved what he did. This impressed me even more. Working hard is easy. But working hard and loving it? That’s rare.

Uncle Mark said if you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. So you’ll work harder and the money will come. This reminds me of my role model, Gary Vee. Gary Vee is so successful but he loves what he does and is one of the happiest people in the world.

The more I connect with older people, the more I see have nothing to be insecure about. They’re just regular people who have been around a while. Sometimes sitting out in the sun and getting wrinkled has makes sweeter, like a raisin. Still, I’m slowly getting over the intimidation but practice makes perfect.

Making Out Under The Table

Shlomo and I went under the table during dessert to make out. People noticed but it really wasn’t very uncomfortable. I had fun!

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