Day 95: Walk Backwards for 24 Hours

Walking backwards for 24 hour is a lot of non-sense. But I really enjoy nonsense so this felt very empowering.

The great thing about non-sense is that you never know if theres some sense in it until you try it. For example, my cold bikini walk was non-sense. But I learned the exposure to the sun actually helped me sleep. So I’ve continued the bikini walk.

This is how machines learning works. Computers try anything. If it makes sense the computers continue using the knew knowledge. But the machines don’t judge what they try.

A lot of people stared but I made sure to comfort them by saying hi. I joked with some people that I was just trying something knew or watching my back so I didn’t get surprised from behind.

Did walking backwards provide any surprise value like the bikini walk? Not really. But I enjoyed it anyways.

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