Todays’ goals? Yesterday, I finished posting 5 items on Ebay. My goal was to finish that by Saturday, but I already finished it by Thursday. Unfortunately, I have a funeral to go to, so I probably won’t have much time today anyways. And tonight is Shabbas and I always help my mom and dad cook for Shabbas.

I’m going to research a few things I own that I can post on Ebay that I want to sell.

Time Tacking

Starting at 9:43am

9:43-9:54: edited yesterdays blog post and posted it.

9:54-10:05: Blogged/Journaled

10:05-10:14: Made my sister breakfast

10:14-10:36: Finished journaling

10:36-10:39: Blogged

10:29-11:09: Ebay- researched researched 2 used items I’m trying to post, and started listing one of them.

11:09-4:02: Get dressed, funeral, run, grocery shop, start cooking for shabbas, nap, talk with Shlomo

4:02-4:47: Posted My First Entrepreneur blog as a LinkedIn Article

4:47-10:38: Shabbas prep and dinner

Next day thoughts 1-18-20:

Yesterday was the first day in 381 days that I missed a day of coding!

It hurts!!

Alas, my goal for this year is to shift my focus away from taking action for the sake of streaks. Instead, I’m focusing on prioritizing my actions day-by-day. Yesterday, I wanted to code, but coding wasn’t the most important action I needed to take.

RIP code streak. Long live massive action.

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