Made my first sale on eBay. I’m glad it was just one sale, because everything that could go wrong did. In response, I reacted with elevated anxiety. But Eureka! I realized all this “going wrong” is just the norm. Like Gary Vee says, entrepreneurship is fire fighting. And so what if it all crashes and burns? I shouldn’t push emotions into it. It’s not life or death. This is a stoic exercise. Being calm in the face of blunders. Executing. It’s a game! Or even meditation. 

Time Tracking

4:13-5:00am: woke too early tried to sleep

5:00-5:50: up in bed, reviewed sleep scores, posted about sleep on twitter

5:50-6:50: dancing cardio

6:50-8:01: make and eat breakfast while listening to Ben Greenfield podcast

8:01-9:22: frantically contact eBay buyers because I don’t know what I’m doing

9:22-9:47: made breakfast for mom and sister and did some steps while it was cooking

8:01-9:11: Communicated with buyers from my items on eBay. 

9:47-9:49: checked twitter and linked in

9:49-10:28: Blogged and posted on twitter

10:28-11:04: packaged sold cans for eBay.

11:04-11:13: Snack/ black cocoa/ twitter break

11:18-11:57: tried to convince my sister to work out with me. Worked out alone to a dance video

11:57-12:22: Buyer didn’t pay yet on eBay, researched what to do about that. Asked some eBay friends whether I should wait to send the package. 

Found the answer: “It’s not recommended to ship an item, before it’s paid for, under any circumstances.” Source

Sent the buyer a reminder to complete payment.

I want to make lunch but the cleaning lady is in the kitchen. But I’m starving! I think I’ll go there anyway and cook

12:22-1:25: made lunch and ate with family

1:25-1:49: Sitting and thinking. Getting really tired. But I got to clean out my parents basement. 

Coded some of my weight watchers calculator app. 

Starving and exhausted. 

1:50-2:13: had black cocoa to try to wake up

2:13-3:30: moved boxes from storage

3:30-3:42: eBay message 


posted to eBay forum

make and eat dinner with Shlomo

5:15- 5:30: journal/blog

5:30?-9:45?: escape room with family, grocery store, code app for sister, bed

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