I’m experiencing a high level of stress from lack of sleep. My body hasn’t recovered from poor sleep Friday night. I’m having eye twitches and my heart rate and heart rate variability aren’t optimal. 

In spite of my body’s stress, I still have work to do. So I need to reduce as much stress as I can through mindset. I can’t change my circumstance, but I can control my mindset. That may be enough.

Time Tracking

8:ish-8:25: dream journal, check twitter and linked in, check sleep scores

8:25-8:52: yoga with sister 

8:52-9:34: make and eat breakfast for/with sister

9:34-9:42: bathroom and get ready for work

9:42-10:04: Blogging and posting on twitter

10:08-10:28: nap LHR: 76 average HRV: 26

10:28-10:38: said bye to sister. Hugged Shlomo. Leaned against warm radiator for a while doing nothing. 

10:28-10:44: Finished my sisters left over avocado while pacing. Still feeling tired

10:44-10:48: googled “why does my eye twitch” and “eyelid twitch “oura” ring”

10:48-11:24: Solved my eBay problem: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Buying-Selling-Basics/quot-Buyer-hasn-t-paid-yet-quot-but-quot-Payment-Initiated-quot/qaq-p/30597330#M90413

11:24-11:30: messaged eBay buyer

11:30-11:53: pictures of cans, drink cocoa 

11:53-11:59: blog

11:59-12:23: walk with Shlomo

12:24-1:30: eBay

1:30-1:53: make lunch

1:53-2:15: lunch

2:15-3:15: move boxes from storage

2:15-3:19: eBay

3:19-3:41: meetup work, ordered scale, Facebook messaged

3:41-3:57: paced, social media while on toilet.

3:57- 4:56: make and it dinner for/with Shlomo

4:58-6:29: bath and relax and social media reading. Got dressed to go to shiva

6:30-10:23: walk to shiva, shiva, talk with Shlomo, bed

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