Day 13: Wear Paper Bags

For Day 13, I wore brown paper bags on my walk to 7-Eleven.

It took about a minute between the time I thought of this idea to the point at which I was wearing the bags. Once I had the idea, I didn’t dwell on it. I sprang into action.

I was nervous that I’d be judged, so I put on bright red lipstick to distract from my clothes.

On my walk to 7-Eleven many people didn’t notice, some pretended not to, and a few made prolonged eye contact.

One car stopped to shout words of (I think) approval while recording video of me. I shouted back “Bag Life! Bag Lady!” and “Bags on bags” and danced.

At 7-Eleven a lady complimented my outfit. The folks from the car who recorded me were in 7-Eleven. They recorded me again, while saying, “She’s rocking those bags.” I hammed it up and posed for the camera.

I bought my seltzer, during which the cashier seemed pretty unfazed. Likewise, most of the customers didn’t react.

Dashiell Bark-Huss discomfort challenge. wear bags to 7-Eleven.

I succeeded in my mission.

What I Learned

I started out feeling very nervous. But soon after starting, I realized, once again, it was no big deal. The people who were into my outfit were loud about their opinions. Most people didn’t care or notice, or at least they were tactful enough not to be rude about it.

In the end, I felt pretty comfortable and I felt I grew into the look.

Let me know in the comments: What would you wear that would make you uncomfortable?

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