Day 94: Ask To Meet With The Founder Of An App I Like

I started using a sleep app called Rise Science. Rise calculates your sleep debt, sleep need, and best time to go to sleep based on data in your phone.

Originally, the co-founders of Rise Science created Rise to significantly improve athletes’ reaction times. Athletes are a great model for optimal mental and physical performance. If athletes are doing something, I want to try it.

I’ve been using the Rise app for a few days. Already, Rise is motivating me to pay back my sleep debt. As a result, I’m feeling a lot happier, more inspired, and more lucid.

I’d like to create a health app in the future. Since the founder lives in Chicago, I thought why not ask to meet? Meeting with the founder could give me a lot of clarity.

I’d heard the founder was very busy and hard to reach. So I wasn’t sure I’d even get a response, let alone a yes. But to my surprise I got a quick response, back saying yes.

Ultimately, this is another example that there are opportunities everywhere. It just takes recognitions to notice them, and courage to seize them.

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