Day 18: Make A Youtube Video

For day 18 I made a Youtube video from the footage I took on day 17. You can watch the Youtube video here.

Dashiell Bark-Huss learning Adobe Premiere
Learning Adobe Premiere

Why This Challenge Was Uncomfortable?

This challenge required I talk to a camera, which I’m pretty uncomfortable with. And then I needed to broadcast that footage to the world.

It also required that I get acquainted with Adobe Premier, Adobe’s intimidating video editing software.

What Happened?

It takes a heap of momentum to start something new. Thanks to my discomfort challenges, I’m getting familiar with generating the energy required to attack new skills.

Because of my experience with #100DaysOfCode, I’ve learned how to self teach efficiently.

I attacked editing the video one step at a time, looking up problems and next steps as they came up.

I took a “done is better than perfect” approach. Especially when it came to the sound. The audio recorded very weirdly, jumping up and down in volume. There’s ways to get the sound perfect. I just focused on making bearable for now.

As far as speaking on camera, I did that the day before, and I didn’t do so bad! I was more comfortable than I expected.

I really feel this is largely due to the self-confidence this challenge is building. The impromptu mock code interview challenge was a big turning point for me. For one of the first times in my life, I let myself think out loud in front of a stranger.

The various challenges where I had to put my less-than-perfect-self out there (Make a Podcast, Ask Strangers About Their Life Goals, Vulnerable Facebook Post, Post On Instagram) helped me see that being publicly flawed is no big deal. So now I’m less self conscious about making mistakes. Which relaxes me.

I realized, I actually don’t mind watching myself trip over words or look stupid on camera, or in a podcast, or where ever. It’s much more cringe worthy to watch myself be uncomfortable on camera, than to mess up.

What I Learned

This challenge is building my confidence and my ability to attack to new projects.

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